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Among my family, i’m often the goto guy for anything design related. Its usually never anything huge (a poster here, a flyer there), but this time around my in-laws needed  some info cards to hand out at their international Jehovah’s Witness convention in Bulgaria. I had a couple weeks before their flight to wrap this up, so I kept the design sweet and simple. Its funny, watching this I realized just how OCD I am about type. Took me about 10-15 minutes to find a font I was comfortable with. Though, they were kind enough to provide me with perforated business card stock, I threw out the template grid that came with it, and made my own. As much as I hate math, I’d rather measure every thing down to the last pixel myself.

Designed in Illustrator, touched up in Photoshop, and prepared for print in Indesign (all CC2015)

Props to Headphone Activist for the awesome track.

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